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Cable protection systems for solar and photovoltaic systems

All life on earth draws its power from the sun. The sun is the largest supplier of energy available to mankind. This energy can be used for electricity and heat.
The radiant energy that hits the earth within 90 minutes is roughly equivalent to the world's energy consumption for a year.
To exploit this potential, effective use of solar energy is crucial.

This is done with the help of photovoltaic systems. They convert the sun's energy into electrical energy, which can then be used as electricity.

Solar and photovoltaic systems have to withstand extreme loads. They are exposed to the elements and have to withstand heat, frost, rain and wind.

Reliable cable protection prevents faults, repairs and maintenance and reduces downtime.

Renewable energy systems place high demands on cable protection products. They must be extremely robust, durable and flexible and should be both UV and temperature resistant.

Since solar and photovoltaic systems are often located in solar parks on meadows, the grass around the systems must be regularly maintained. In addition to classic lawn mowers, sheep are also used here, for example. Cable protection products must therefore also protect against mechanical stress and animal biting.

The cable protection products from FIPSYSTEMS® guarantee full protection.
They protect the sensitive wiring and cables from abrasion, animal biting and mechanical stresses, meet the highest fire protection requirements, extend the service life and maintenance intervals and are temperature and UV resistant.

If it becomes necessary to replace a cable, FIPSPLIT® offers the perfect option for retrofitting, thus saving an expensive complete cable replacement.