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Extended service life of wind turbines

Wind energy has experienced rapid growth since the year 2000. Its advantage: the resource wind is available in almost unlimited quantities. Research and development, supporting measures and falling costs have driven this growth. The number of wind turbines installed worldwide has increased 98-fold in recent decades.

Wind turbines have to withstand extreme loads. To ensure that the energy generated reaches where it is needed, suitable cable protection is essential.

The demands on cables, screw connections and connectors are high: they are exposed to different stresses such as weather, UV radiation, but also rodent bites and insect infestation.
In addition, there are specific technical specifications and, depending on the location of the wind turbine, very different climatic conditions - and this over decades.

FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes offers the optimal solution for wind turbines:

Thanks to weather- and UV-resistant FIPSYSTEMS® cable protection systems, the sensitive cabling and lines are protected from extreme loads.
This can extend the service life of the cables and reduce maintenance intervals and operating costs. FIPSYSTEMS® products for renewable energy are self-extinguishing
and meet the highest fire protection requirements. Perfectly matched components mean that downtimes and failures can be avoided.

The FIPSPLIT® product range enables uncomplicated subsequent installation of cable protection.