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Fuel lines

Fuel lines


Our fuel lines ensure the safe transport of aggressive substances and allow for easy and time-saving installation thanks to matched connectors. All lines, smooth sections, cuffs and Quick connectors are made to customers specification and guarantee a reliable connection. The flexibility of our corrugated tubes provides a key advantage especially in tanks where space is limited. Depending on the material, the systems are resistant to chemical substances and withstand temperatures up to 140°C.


Available materials / maximum operating temperature:

PA6 120°C
PA11 120°C
PA12 120°C
PA612 140°C

1-, 2-, 3-, 4- or 5-layer design

Other materials available upon request



Automotive, agricultural machinery and construction engines; in engine compartment, e. g. supply lines, return lines, jet-pump lines, compensating lines, fuel supply lines, filling channels