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Impact protection

Impact protection

Why is cable protection so essential in high-voltage wiring systems?

Shocks and vibrations are unavoidable in the automotive industry. They can significantly affect the service life of components and systems. This is where our impact protection products come into play: they absorb and dampen these impacts, reducing wear and extending component life.

Our hoses not only provide effective protection against mechanical stress, but also meet the industry's strict safety standards.


Learn more about the advantages of our impact protection and crash protection systems:

Effective protection for high-voltage wiring systems

Our impact protection hoses are specially designed to protect high-voltage cables and components from shocks, vibrations and mechanical stress. The hoses absorb the forces that occur and minimize the risk of damage. By using our impact protection solutions, the service life of the high-voltage wiring systems is increased and expensive repairs or failures are avoided.

Crash protection for maximum safety

Our crash protection systems provide an additional safety factor for electric vehicles. In the event of a collision, the specially developed protective components absorb the impact energy and minimize the risk of damage to the high-voltage wiring systems. This reduces the risk of short circuits or leaks, which significantly improves occupant safety and the potential for dangerous situations.

High-quality materials and strict quality controls

We place great emphasis on the quality of our products. Our impact protection hoses and crash protection systems are made from high-quality materials that ensure high flexibility, resistance to environmental influences and a long service life. Each protective hose is subjected to strict quality controls to ensure that it meets the requirements of the electric vehicle industry.

Customized solutions and expert advice

Our experienced team is available to develop customized solutions to meet your specific requirements. We understand the complexity of protecting high-voltage wiring systems and offer expert advice to help you find the best possible solution for your electric vehicle. Our aim is to provide you with the optimum combination of performance, safety and cost efficiency.


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