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Fluid systems

Medium-conducting systems and solutions for industrial applications

Cutting-edge complete systems and comprehensive solutions as a standard or tailored to your specific needs: this is our expertise. Is it necessary to distribute and utilize liquids, air or gases? This is where our medium-conducting systems come into play. From vacuum-cleaner tube to siphon hoses for sanitary equipment – we offer innovative solutions and systems for each and every application. And yet, our products easily meet all the specific requirements such as tightness, hygiene or acid resistance.

We have solutions for all industrial applications and offer you everything including matching accessories. Our experience and specialized development make us an ideal partner when it comes to medium-conducting systems of any kind. Our products comply with the highest standards, so maximum reliability and effectiveness are guaranteed.

Corrugated systems for home applicances

Together with our customers, we develop complete systems meeting individual requirements. The conduits are 100 percent leak-tested and reliably transport liquids even at high temperatures.

The range of accessories contains a selection of

  • couplings or sleeves,
  • O-rings
  • as well as elbows
  • and hose supports

– so you are sure to receive a solution tailor-made for your project. Our corrugated conduit systems can be installed, e.g. in dishwashers, dryers, refrigerators and freezers.

Ventilation tubes for HRV

HRV ventilation tubes for ventilation applications have a number of benefits for the customer:

due to low pressure loss, high acoustic insulation performance and easy handling, they are ideal ventilation pipes for many applications. The polyethylene utilized here is physiologically and toxicologically entirely safe, and it is easy to clean.

Solutions for construction and agricultural machinery

We offer a wide range of tailor-made solutions for the construction and agricultural machinery industry. From fuel systems through battery vents and brake vacuum lines to cooling systems:

quality, tightness and resistance of lines and conduits are essential for the functionality of entire engines and power units. That is why corrugated and smooth conduits, as well as braided and knitted hoses must meet the highest standards. Depending on the application, they have to be resistant to heat or cold, flexible or rigid, resistant to acids and lubricants or impact-proof.

Medium-conducting systems can find a great variety of applications in the construction and agricultural machinery industry: whether in and on the vehicle or for fixed plants. From a simple medium-conducting line to a completely assembled unit of the most varied complexity – we provide it all. It goes without saying that high-quality systems guarantee reliable transport of all kinds of liquids – no matter how challenging the circumstances are.

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