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Renewable energies

Renewable energies

Optimal solution for renewable energy systems

For climate protection and an independent energy supply, we must increasingly rely on renewable energies in the future.
The share of renewable energies in the global energy mix is to increase significantly by 2030 as part of the UN sustainability strategy.

Wind power plays a major role in the generation of green electricity. Solar and photovoltaic plants have also been important pillars of renewable energy for years.
To ensure that the energy generated reaches where it is needed, suitable cable protection is essential.
Extreme conditions such as wind, UV radiation, rain, abrasion and mechanical stress from lawn mowers, insects and animal bites, for example, can severely damage the wiring and cables of renewable energy systems.

The high-quality FIPSYSTEMS® cable protection products from FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes provide a remedy both indoors and outdoors and help to extend the service life of the cables.

Even for existing plants we offer with the FIPSPLIT® products the suitable articles for easy retrofitting.

FIPSYSTEMS® products for renewable energy systems

  • fulfillment of the highest fire protection requirements
  • retrofitting possible
  • robust yet flexible
  • extension of service life of sensitive cabling as well as maintenance intervals
  • UV and weather resistant up to 40 years
  • corrosion and abrasion resistant
  • suitable range of accessories
Extended service life of wind turbines
Extended service life of wind turbines
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Sensitive cables and wires in the exterior and interior of wind turbines must withstand extreme loads. FIPSYSTEMS® offers weather and UV resistant cable protection for wind turbines.

Cable protection systems for solar and photovoltaic installations
Cable protection systems for solar and photovoltaic installations
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Solar and photovoltaic systems are exposed to the elements and must withstand heat, frost, rain and wind. Reliable cable protection from FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes prevents malfunctions, repairs and maintenance and reduces downtime.



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