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FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes offers a leak-free complete system with a long service life and simplified maintenance, thanks to connectors with integrated click system and shut-off function. Thanks to the flexible and modular construction principle, the cooling and heating flows are optimally connected and switched depending on the situation. This guarantees a permanent low-temperature circuit that can be kept constant and significantly increases the range of the lithium-ion batteries as well as their service life.

The weight-saving systems consist of lightweight flexible plastic components, with high mechanical properties, chemical resistance and a low sensitivity to hydrolysis. They can be used in tight bending radii and guarantee an even flow without the risk of buckling or being crushed.

FIP revolutionises the technology of battery systems and creates a completely recyclable system.
The individually optimised recyclable line systems regulate not only the thermal management of the battery but also the electronics and the temperature of the interior. All based on state-of-the-art connection technology.


We develop and validate the customer-specific system and

  • accompany you through all project phases, from pre-development, concept development, simulation, SOP to EOP.
  • offer complete integration of our products into the customer-specific system.
  • simulate and develop through our in-house research and development department (incl. CAD/CFD, test laboratories), tool and plant construction, machinery and assembly.
  • we play it safe with accredited leak and flow requirement checks.

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