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Thermal management

Thermal systems for battery and hybrid vehicles

The efficiency of lithium-ion batteries used in the field of electromobility is below 100 % – the rest is emitted as heat. For the batteries to work for at least ten years without impairment, they may not be exposed to heat or enormous cold. Hence, if the batteries are cooled down or warmed up appropriately, the performance will not decrease and there will be no damage due to too high or too low temperatures.

Customers benefit from FIP’s strengths grown over decades also in the field of thermal management of batteries for electromobility. Because in close cooperation with customers, FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes develops installation-friendly systems in individual designs, also with integrated sensors.

The wide product range comprises complex systems made of corrugated and smooth tubing systems, space-saving connectors, blow-molded connecting elements and various plug systems with integrated sensors.


The benefits as compared to rubber or metal solutions are obvious:

  • higher performance
  • easy installation
  • weight-saving
  • flow optimization
  • higher flexibility
  • complex geometries
  • space-saving connectors and plug systems with integrated sensors

Applications: Automotive, electric and hybrid vehicles



FIPCOOLING: 6 components for your individual thermal management system

Our wide range of products for charging stations, server systems, mobility and energy storage systems
can be individually composed of the following 6 components:

1.  Powerful corrugated and smooth tubes: FIPCOOL

2.  Space-optimized connectors with special features: FIPCOOL SC

3.  Function-integrated plug systems with integrated sensors: FIPCOOL CONTROL

4.  Form-fitting connecting elements: FIPCOOL CONNECT

5.  Securely lockable fixing elements: FIPCOOL FIX

6.  Protection sleeves and pads: FIPCOOL PROTECT





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