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Driven by innovation

There is hardly a car left on our roads where no FRÄNKISCHE product is installed. Whether spray water line, battery cooling or tank ventilation - the automotive sector is a development partner for technically sophisticated corrugated pipes and fully assembled systems, protective hoses and media-leading pipe systems for the automotive sector.

Various manufacturing processes result in a broad product portfolio. In addition, in close cooperation with OEMs and Tier1, individual solutions for the specific assembly space are developed and delivered ready for series production directly and worldwide to final assembly.

Our products and systems can be found in the following fields of application, to name but a few:

  • Cable protection: for high temperature load, against abrasion and impact stress, for cable bundling, temperature shielding, noise absorption and electric insulation
  • Fluid systems: e.g. fuel lines, tank ventilation lines, filling systems, underfloor ducts, SCR ventilation lines, crank case ventilation lines, vacuum lines, battery ventilation systems
  • Thermal management: corrugated and smooth tubing systems, space-saving connectors, blow-molded connecting elements and various plug systems with integrated sensors