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With FIPSYSTEMS® you can be sure that your cables and wires are optimally protected. The system is made of high-quality materials that are robust and durable to withstand the demanding conditions of automation and robotics. They allow for easy installation and maintenance while providing reliable and secure coverage.

Automation applications and cable protection systems are two essential components in modern industrial processes:
While automation applications make manufacturing more efficient, faster and more accurate, cable protection systems ensure that sensitive cabling is protected from damage and failure.

Together, they form a powerful team that increases the productivity of manufacturing processes and reduces operating costs.

But what requirements do automation applications place on cable protection systems?

The answer is simple:

They must be robust, flexible and durable to withstand the heavy loads. Ease of installation and maintenance are also essential to minimize downtime.
Cable protection systems must also be insensitive to environmental influences such as moisture or dust and must not have a negative impact on signal transmission.

In addition, the systems must not interfere with plant movements and processes and should be easy to install and maintain to avoid unnecessary downtime. Choosing the right material is also crucial, as there may be different requirements for temperature resistance, chemical resistance or UV stability depending on the area of application.

Overall, the better the cable protection system is matched to the specific requirements of the automation application, the smoother the operation and the higher the productivity.
Careful planning and advice from experts can help find the right cable protection system for your individual needs.



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