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Railway-approved cable protection solutions

Railway-approved cable protection solutions

FIPSYSTEMS® – Connect to protect

With the FIPSYSTEMS® series, FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes offers an extensive range of high-quality cable protection solutions.

The products and systems are made of premium materials that are robust and durable to withstand even the most demanding conditions. From high load capacity and flexibility to resistance to environmental influences, they meet most of the requirements to optimally protect sensitive cables and lines. Enhance the reliability of your facility and extend maintenance intervals with tailored solutions from FIPSYSTEMS®.



FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes offers comprehensive railway-approved solutions with its FIPSYSTEMS® cable protection range to protect sensitive cables and wires in the railway environment from mechanical stress, weather conditions, abrasion, external influences, or in case of fire.

With the individual solutions of FIPSYSTEMS®, you can increase reliability, availability and maintenance intervals, either through easy retrofitting, the use of products in the interior or exterior of trains, in railway infrastructure or in track side equipment.