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What does thermal management in electromobility mean?

The life of the highly sensitive batteries in electric and hybrid vehicles depends crucially on a constant operating temperature between +15 °C and +35 °C. To maintain this temperature range, FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes develops and manufactures battery temperature control systems according to customer requirements. Lithium-ion batteries used in electromobility have an efficiency of below 100 % – the rest is emitted as heat. For batteries to operate for at least ten years without impairment, they must not be exposed to heat or extreme cold. Hence, if batteries are cooled down or heated up appropriately, their performance does not decrease and there is no damage as a result of too high or too low temperatures. This fundamental task of thermal management implies a great deal of development effort and inventive innovation spirit. Our result is a temperature control system ideally matching the battery and efficiently ensuring long service life of batteries in electric vehicles due to its flexible concept.