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alpex is FRÄNKISCHE's multilayer composite pipe system for drinking water, heating and gas installations.


Automobile industry

Building connection

Kabuflex® conduits are used for building connections.

Building drainage

Professional building drainage preserves the value of the property.

Circuit Integrity

Is closely connected with the term fire resistance.


Is used to retrofit cables and wires.

Concrete installation

“Pliable” bending behaviour.


Protect lines

Defroster heater

The profi-air defroster heater ensures frost protection of ventilation systems.

Design grill

The design grills of our starline collection set the right highlight with regard to heat recovery ventilation.

Dezincification-resistant brass

Dezincification-resistant brass is achieved by means of a special alloy composition and thermal treatment.

DIN 4095

Planning, design and installation of drainage systems.

Distribution structures

Shaft and pipe system for multi-systems for stormwater treatment

Drainage pipe

Flexible drainage pipe (FF-drän; colour yellow) for many applications primarily in agricultural drainage.

Drainage pipe with filter layer

A pipe wrapped in filter fabric.


In technical terms, this is about dewatering.

DVGW / German Association of Gas and Water Experts (Deutscher Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches e.V):

DVGW is a German competence network dealing with all issues of supply with natural gas and drinking water, and it advocates safety and quality standards in the gas and water sector.


Two-piece plastic end cap.


We assist you with planning and designing profi-air heat recovery ventilation with the profi-air easyCALC quick layout software.

Eco-balanced electrical conduits co2ntrol®

We are the first supplier of eco-balanced electrical conduits.

Electrical conduits

Advantage of being able to modify or expand electrical installations quickly.

Energy label

The energy label shows the energy efficiency grade of ventilation units under uniform conditions. The devices with the highest energy efficiency achieve the efficiency grade A+.

EnEV / German Energy Conservation Ordinance (Energieeinsparverordnung)

The German Energy Conservation Ordinance stipulates the energy-efficiency requirements on buildings.

Enthalpy heat exchanger

The profi-air enthalpy heat exchanger is suited for FRÄNKISCHE's profi-air 250 touch and profi-air 400 touch ventilation units.

EU Water Framework Directives

Defines the provisions for the comprehensive protection of waterbodies.


ff-therm multi Difustop PE-Xa and PE-RT are flexible pipes with diffusion barrier specifically developed for the use in heating and radiant heating installations.

Heat recovery ventilation / HRV

FRÄNKISCHE's system for heat recovery ventilation is termed profi-air.

Hot asphalt

Only metal conduits may be used.

Humidity sensor

A humidity sensor integrated in the ventilation units guarantees enhanced comfort of living and needs-based supply of fresh air.

HY certification

Hygienic safety of profi-air is guaranteed by the HY certification.


The SHAPE design grill collection has been ranked "Best of Best" in the "ICONIC AWARD 2016: Interior Innovation" competition.

Impervious to encrustation

Encrustation constitutes mineral deposits from substances in the water accumulating on the inner surface of pipes.

Multi-media conduit

Perfect solution for the cable mess.

Multilayer composite pipe / MCP

Multilayer composite pipes are pipes made of various materials and thus consisting of several layers.


A component of the opti-drän system for flushing and inspecting building drainage systems.

opti-drän pipe

A component of the opti-drän system.

opti-drän system

The system comprises several components.


The geotextile reliably separates the native soil or backfill from the vertical permeable layer and the gravel backfill and prevents silting. Mechanically bonded and thermally treated fabric.


Polymer optical fibres.

PPSU / polyphenylsulfone

PPSU is high-performance polyphenylsulfone plastic. This material, which has been tested in space, offers extremely good impact strength while being entirely non-toxic.

Press jaw flexibility

alpex F50 PROFI fittings can be pressed using 5 press jaw contours F, TH, U, H and VP, as well as using all conventional hydraulic pressing tools. Due to this, there is normally no need to purchase new tools.

Pressure testing

To provide for enhanced safety and reliability, alpex connectors must be pressure-tested after installation and before any plaster or screed is applied.


profi-air is a system for heat recovery ventilation by FRÄNKISCHE.

RAL installation

Requirements to electrical installations.

ReMo click system

For renovation and modernisation.

Resealable corrugated conduits

Retrofit protection thanks to resealable corrugated conduits.


Maximum deformation of 50 %.

Ring drainage

Required for layouts smaller than or equal to 200 sqm.

Separate sewer system

With a separate sewer system, wastewater and stormwater are collected and discharged in two separate sewer systems.

Sewer pipe

This covers any application in sewer construction.


starline is FRÄNKISCHE's design grill collection for heat recovery ventilation.

Stormwater treatment

Describes the way how polluted stormwater must be treated. A differentiation is made between the functions of filtering, sedimentation, adsorption and oil separation.

Surface drainage

Required for layouts greater than or equal to 200 sqm.

TrinkWV / Drinking Water Ordinance (Trinkwasserverordnung)

TrinkWV determines quality, treatment and monitoring of drinking water, as well as the responsibilities of water suppliers.

Tunnel-shaped pipe

Strasil with corrugated inside and smooth invert.

UBA / German Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt)

The German Environment Agency is the central federal environment authority, whose task is to ensure that Germany has a sound environment, and its inhabitants are protected from harmful environmental influence, such as pollutants in the water or air, in the best possible way.

Underdrained swale system

Infiltration through an overgrown top soil.

UV resistance

Outdoor installations.


Wastewater is water which is polluted or dirty.

Zero halogen

Zero halogen low smoke conduits