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Innovative cable protection solutions for tomorrow's mobility

More and more countries are planning the end of combustion engines and are focusing on alternative drives.

FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes is prepared for the change and offers specially developed protection systems for the protection and also the identification of cables and connection components in HV systems.




Polyester fabric hose with impregnation

Available in orange, red, purple and black.

Crashtex Lock

Polyester fabric hose with impregnation, self-closing

Available in different colors.


Aramid hose with special impregnation

Available in different colors.

GA Flex

Compressible braided hose made of aramid fibers

GS Thermo

Glass silk silicone protective hose with silicone coating

Customized corrugated pipe solutions

Individual corrugated pipes with different geometries, nominal diameter jumps and/or in any desired color and adapted to different space and connection conditions


In addition to standard accessories, for example connector caps or A, T and Y distributors in various designs, FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes develops hundreds of individual components each year according to customer requirements.

Innovative cable protection solutions for tomorrow's mobility