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Powerful corrugated and smooth tubes

Powerful corrugated and smooth tubes


FIPCOOL – powerful corrugated and smooth tubes

Complete systems from one provider: Our connectors are designed for corrugated tube standards, of which we also offer a wide product portfolio. We provide corrugated and smooth tubing solutions out of different materials. Tube dimensions from NW 8 – 37 have been proven to be the most common choice for our customers product requirements.
Not only mono and multi layers but also customized shapes and profiles belong to our core competences. Furthermore tubes with an exact adjusted ratio between flexibility and stiffness characterize us.

Please contact us for your individual solution.


Outstanding solutions

  • different lengths, diameters and
    profiles within one tube
  • variable cuff diameters
  • various designs of assembly ribs
  • stiff expansion bodies with different shapes (round, oval, angular)
  • different sections for fixation and clipping segments
  • modern assembly technology
  • significantly extended lifetime
  • peak value 10 bar
  • material chosen by specialists for each application
  • abrasion- and temperature-resistant thanks to the choice of design and materials