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Precision meets efficiency

In an era where sensor technology precision is essential for the safety and effectiveness of driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicles, we offer top-quality manufacturing of corrugated tubes and connectors with reliability you can count on. Our products ensure flawless cleanliness of your sensors and support safety on the road to autonomous driving. We design solutions that efficiently and reliably transport air and fluids to your high-tech components.

Secure connections to connection ports
Fast installation processes
Wide range of accessories for optimal customization

Our corrugated tubes and connector solutions represent the highest reliability at the core of your sensor cleaning systems. In modern vehicle technology, where every second of clear visibility can determine the success of safe navigation, we understand the essential role our products play. They are the heart of the cleaning systems that protect vital components such as cameras, LiDAR, and other sensors from contamination, contributing to the precision of assisted and autonomous driving functions.

With our passion for innovation and technical expertise, we ensure that our corrugated tubes provide a safe and tight connection between the cleaning unit and sensor, while our connectors stand for stress-free, fast assembly and disassembly. This reduces maintenance times and increases the operational readiness of your systems.

Our versatile accessory program and wide range of nominal sizes offer flexible and customized solutions for a wide range of requirements. Every detail of our manufacturing is based on the highest industry standards, and our commitment to innovation ensures that our components are also capable of meeting the future requirements of the constantly evolving market. We work closely with our customers to ensure that each product is precisely tailored to their individual needs.

Discover how our products ensure the performance of your sensors under any conditions. Because clear visibility and precision are the foundation of modern driver assistance and autonomy.

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90° / 180° Connector

for connecting cleaning lines (e.g. headlight cleaning)
with large diameters (e.g. NW 8.5)


for connecting cleaning lines (e.g. windshield cleaning, rearview
camera cleaning)
Small diameter range available (e.g. NW 4.5 or NW 5.5)


to distribute media (air or liquid) to multiple positions


Corrugated tubing with T-connector

Fully corrugated tubing
Most commonly used variant for windshield washer lines
Very flexible installations possible.

Smooth tubing

Smooth pipe 6x1
Higher strength during installation

Corrugated tubing with smooth area

High flow rate and low longitudinal expansion under pressure